What to do in Chicago for Chinese New Year 2020

Set on the banks of beautiful Lake Michigan, Chicago is famous for a number of things. Towering skyscrapers, deep-dish pizza… and one of the biggest Asian populations in America. That makes it one of the best places to celebrate Chinese New Year. Welcoming in the Year of the Rat, 2020 is deemed to be a year of prosperity, abundance and renewal (something we could all use after the post-Christmas slump). From parades and performance art to designer dim sum, there’s something for everyone over two weekends of scintillating celebrations.

Things To Do In NYC For Chinese New Year - Activities and more!

Spending time in NYC for Chinese New Year? This year it falls on January 25 and it’s the Year of the Rat. There are plenty of special events taking place in the Big Apple where you can celebrate. After ringing in the traditional New Year holiday on January 1, it’s round two with Chinese New Year. From firecracker celebrations and wild dance performances to martial arts demonstrations, there’s a whole host of ways to have fun during the many events in the city. The streets of New York turn outlandishly festive during the celebration of the Chinese New Year.

Best restaurants in Singapore

In food-obsessed Singapore, finding somewhere good to eat is far from a hard task. The city is peppered with excellent restaurants, renowned food stalls, and exceptional culinary experiences that make for memorable evenings. Don’t assume that everything on this list is going to be eye-wateringly expensive, however. Some of the finest food on offer in this diverse city comes from market stalls and family-run establishments.

Best Museums in Madrid

As one of the world’s most important historical and cultural capitals, it will come as no surprise that Madrid is replete with outstanding museums that you can lose yourself in. Art aficionados and history buffs alike will feel right at home in Madrid. From super swanky contemporary buildings, housing the latest innovations in art and sculpture, to achingly beautiful classical museums that host an endless array of timeless masterpieces, these are the best museums in Madrid.

Guide to Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

Singapore doesn’t do things by halves. The city is bold, beautiful, and extravagant in every measure. Huge glimmering skyscrapers tower over technicolor colonial houses and tropical nature bursts forth from the hillsides. So you can imagine that their version of a public ‘garden’ is something really rather special. Spanning 250 acres, Gardens by the Bay is a vast ecological, educational and simply stunning site. With so much sparkle and highrise in the city, it could be all too easy to forget that Singapore is a super-eco tropical paradise. But, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore’s most memorable attraction, will surely remind you.

Guide to Singapore’s Hawker Centers

Hawker centers are practically an institution in Singapore. Somewhere that all nationalities and social circles come together to chow down on excellent quality yet super cheap local delicacies. These covered food courts rose to prominence as a more sanitary alternative to street food vendors, who always had a delicious yet risky reputation… By no means a luxury food fix, these dining halls are bare-bones and all the better for it. The focus here is the food, enjoyed in a vibrant atmosphere with tightly-packed tables that encourage conversation with friendly strangers.

Where to Find the Best Singapore Sling in Singapore

Imagine the scene: tongkang boats bobbing along the shore, heat haze rippling on the horizon, and a stiff drink in hand to sip in with the views. The Singapore Sling is a cocktail menu staple around the globe, but nowhere is it better enjoyed than its hometown. Resisting the temptation of this lurid pink potion is impossible. A robust mix of spirits and tropical fruit juice, this cocktail is the perfect, ice-cold antidote to Singapore’s perpetual humidity.

Bloody Mary Guide: Paris London and New York

We all know the feeling of having overindulged the night before. The next day a delicate stomach and throbbing head calls for only one thing… Tomato juice, a touch of Tabasco, and squeeze of lemon, a salted rim and the all important shot of vodka, the Bloody Mary has become synonymous with the weekend brunch cure. We’ve rounded up our favourites that you need to hunt down in the world’s three most stylish cities. Hair of the dog, as they say…
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